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Extremely Grateful!

Our puppy was a regular little thief and becoming rough. No impulse control. Decided to send him for the 2 week board program. Devon was our trainer. AMAZING! She loved him and sent him back a very well behaved puppy. So worth the money. The trainers spend 24/7 with your dog in their homes. Extremely grateful for Devon and this program.

Colleen Vedros  // Verified Google Review

Highly Recommended!

We have a rambunctious 90 pound Great Pyrenees puppy. After two weeks with Devon, our boy has outstanding manners and is trustworthy to be off leash anywhere I want to take him. HIGHLY recommend this company and definitely am a HUGE fan of Devon!

Kandi Hoehner.  // Verified Google Review 

More Peaceful Around our House

I recently sent my 1.5 year old German shepherd for a 2 week board and train with Devon . Before training he would counter surf and steal from the trash as well as jump up uninvited. People really made him scared and he would growl and he was super reactive to other dogs. After the board and train he is able to walk through crowds without growling and barking and he can now heel past dogs without reacting to them. He doesn’t try to take things off the counter anymore and everything is so much more peaceful around our house.


Stephanie Goodwin   // Verified Google Review

Money well spent

I am so happy with the training my pit bull received from Devon and Off Leash k9. Before training he would jump on people, run out open doors, pull on the leash when walked to name a few of his bad habits. Devon was so good with Stix, took great care of him and I’m so happy with his behavior now. I am also happy with the training I got at pick up, on how to work with him to stay on track with what he learned in the 2 week board and train.


Leslie Liddell  // Verified Google Review

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program is worth every cent!

We are proud of our fur baby, Harry! We rescued him around 7 months old last May and he came to us with nothing but love to give & super smart-no manners, high energy, loved to get into trash, bolt in and outdoors, etc. We have another large dog that is very mild-mannered and they absolutely adore one another but Harry was tough to take everywhere that we liked to go…UNTIL NOW! Perry with Oklahoma Off Leash worked with him for 2 weeks (board and train) & our Harry has come back with his same loving spirit and mannerly.

He has been so much more fun and easy to work with, we are able to take him wherever dogs are allowed and the training has been so easy that our 7yr old son can do it. I would recommend this to anyone that wants their fur baby to fit into their family better, have manners, door manners, exercise partner…possibilities are endless with this program and it is worth every cent! *and it is guaranteed for LIFE!!*


Courtney P.  // Verified Google Review

We Can Finally Relax!

These trainers are amazing!! I sent my crazy 10 month old Golden and got back a much different dog for that I’m thankful! We can finally relax at home without him being crazy! I’m thoroughly impressed with how fast he transformed!!


Stephanie Johnson // Facebook Review

She Loves To Show Off Her Training!

I can’t recommend Off Leash K9 enough! Before I sent Ellie to their 2 week board and train she has some small behavioral issues that we struggled with, but coming back her behavior had improved tremendously. Now, I don’t worry about taking her around small children or elderly folks whereas before I was always nervous she would knock someone down in her excited greetings. We absolutely love to take her on off leash adventures and she has acts as though she has a new purpose when we go. She loves loves loves to show off her training. Another plus is the trainers are always responsive after the training for questions or anything else you might need in getting your pup adjusted back home. Thank you again Perry & the rest of Off Leash K9 team!

Brandi Barwick  // Facebook Review

She Worked Miracles!

I highly recommend Off Leash K9! Our Trainer was amazing. Not only did she work miracles with my dogs (a 2 year old pit mix and a 1 year old lab mix) and their behavior, but she helped me to feel comfortable leaving them somewhere new for 2 weeks. She communicated how they were doing and what they learned every night. And finally, she then helped me feel comfortable with using the dogs’ new training at home. I am so grateful for such a wonderful experience and for the end result of much better-behaved dogs. Off Leash K9 is definitely worth the investment.


Christina Kelly // Facebook Review

OLK9 Testimonial

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Highly recommend!

2 years ago-

 If you are thinking about dog training, Off Leash K9 Training is the place to go. I was originally attracted to the company when I saw a video on Facebook of Perry (my trainer) riding a bicycle and the dog heeling perfectly. It was amazing. My dogs already had a good basis of obedience, however, my Siberian Husky had an extremely high prey drive and no matter how much I hollered he would be chasing cattle or anything that moved.

I could get my Golden Retriever or Siberian Husky to do sit, down, stay, but they would often break when they were bored. Now I can tell them to do anything and count on them to stay in whatever command I tell them. Even now the thing that attracted me to the company, I can do with my Golden and Siberian. I can ride my bike, walk, run with them in the heel position. The myth that a Siberian Husky can never be off leash is false! Highly recommend!


Ally W. // Verified Google Review

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